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October 11, 2009

Good Food is Hard To Resist

Last Tuesday & Wednesday, I was out of the office to attend an inaugural meeting with the delegates from Asia & West Pacific to discuss a few issues on ESI Restructuring. The venue was the The Gardens Hotel, KL. A few of us (including myself) was given the duty as a rapporteur to put on paper the issues raised during the discussions of the country papers presented by the delegates.

So as always, one of the good things about these events/meetings, I get to indulge myself in good hotel food and 5-star accomodation on the company's tab.

It was my first time dining at The Spread. Food is quite good if you ask me. The spread was quite extensive which includes oysters too. Yum. I didn't wanna stuff myself too much as there was gonna be an afternoon session (can't afford to fall asleep) but yeah, 3 rounds of food + a bowl of ice-cream was what I had :)

After lunch, I went up to the room to freshen myself, and hopped onto the scale. I started to touch 50 kilos about 2 months ago, and I still am in the 50s. 51.5 to be specific as of last Tuesday. I'm quite happy with my weight, although some clothes I have are a bit tight now :p

Since the puasa month is over, I'm gonna start being a little healthier by hitting the gym!


Fynnaz said...

True! Good SINFUL food is VERY hard to resist. Whyyy? Owh why??

calla_lily said...

I knowwwww! There's always something good to eat!