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October 13, 2009

My Big Project No. 2

The 2 most important things in my to-do list are:

1. Wedding prep
2. Learn how to COOK!

I'm bad at cooking.
Let me rephrase that.
I can't say I'm bad or not, because I don't know how. And I need to learn.... pronto!

I've got less than 6 months to learn, should be enough time, right? *worried*

Since I know some of you are your partner's personal chef, please, please, please share with me your secret!
I've tried googling 'resepi masakan melayu' and there were a number of hits. Not sure which one I should pick.
If you have any recipes you don't mind sharing with me or you know any websites that can help me with this big project of mine, your ideas and thoughts are most welcome!

Some of the things I want to learn how to cook:
1. Nasi lemak & the sambal too
2. Rendang ayam/daging (which one is easier?)
3. Nasi tomato (it's my favorite, so I must learn, right?)
4. Nasi ayam
5. Gulai lemak ayam/daging/ikan masin
6. Ayam masak merah
7. Ayam/Daging/Ikan masak kicap
8. Soto
9. All the other malay dishes you can think of!
10. Oh yeah, dal for the nasi tomato too :p

The simpler, the better. But of course, sedap :)


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owh darl...1st n foremost congrates on ur engagement...bile nk upload full pix :) hehehhe

as for the cooking tue...not to actual fact u sendiri akan learn by mum ckp 'pandai sendiri' bile dh kawen...coz u r happy to prepare n cook for ur husband, so u'll do anythg n try out all the recipe that u can find in the net or thru friends/relaties/family recipe...

insyaallah u'll do fine...

but since u ask, try browse thru hanieliza fotopages...shes famous for her online cookbook...sedap jugak i tried a few

ERMAYUM said...

Dont worry - masak lauk pauk tu sonang jo - u campak ja n MESTI jadi - TRUST me- u just need to fine tune the taste using salt n sugar -

yg nasi ayam nasi tomato tu senang - technicality ja u need to know - then again u campak ja hehehehe-

dear kat my blog pun ada few resipi yg sonang2 - do drop by ye

Nadia Dzai said...

Betul ckp Verde tue, it will comes naturally bila dah kawen.

eventhou i belum kawen, and supposedly to learn how to cook ;p

But according to my dad, masa my mom mula2 kawen, tau goreng telur je. ehehe it will comes sooner or later. aha! :D

Baiti Mustafa said...

yeah, verde is right.

i myself bila dah kawen baru nak belajar. my mom jenis yg tak suka org (including anak dara dia) menyibuk kat dapur!

tp i learnt that the basic is the perencah la. u know, the bawangs and watnots. lelain just add in get the perencah right, everything will follow..

i selalu guna recipe kak liza tu. gerenti jd the first time...

LadyofLeisure said...

hello dear,

congratulations again :) i couldn't have said it any better. but i sokong verde 110%. hehehe. you akan pandai sendiri sbb you will cook will love and passion hehehe. i selalu google jer kalau nak masak yg pelik2. benda biasa mcm nasi lemak i will ask my mom's recipe sbb itu kegemaran i hehehe good luck dear

Betty A. said...

i pandai masak asam pedas..tu pon sbb i org johor....

yg lain hampes laa....

think shud learn mcm u jugak...

calla_lily said...

Verde: Thank you! Pics lain... tungguuuuuu hehe
Thanks for the support on cooking, and I'll check hanieliza too, thank you so much for the tip Verde!

Ermayum: hehe u make it sound so easy.. hopefully I'll find it as easy as u do :) I'll check out your blog for recipes, thanks so much!

Nadia: I hope so.. I need all the luck!

Baiti: Thanks for the tip Baiti.. It seems K.Liza's recipes are popular, I definitely have to try them.

LadyofLeisure: Thank you again :)
And thanks for the tip too. Wish me luck babe!

calla_lily said...

Betty: hehe Better than me lah. Maybe u boleh share your asam pedas recipe with me ;)