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October 19, 2009

A Fun Way to Do IT!

I watched Channel E yesterday, and they were talking about Madonna and how she keeps herself fit, and she owes it all to her personal trainer Tracy Anderson. It does look like Tracy's workouts seem to work really well!

And one of the things she uses for her workouts is.........
............... the WiiFit Plus!

I want a Wii Fit!

I told Mr. H about it, and he said yes, we can get it once I'm in the US. Yeay!! Something to motivate me to exercise :p

Anyway, I was supposed to hit the gym today after work, but I woke up late, and didn't have time to pack my clothes this morning (a lame excuse, I know :p)

I shall get my things ready tonight, so I won't have an excuse tomorrow!


Zuraida said...

hahahahh! i pun selalu macam you...berazam nak pg gym in the morning then don't go because I woke up late and too lazy to pack my gym clothes so that i would go after work.


tapi lately i got bored easy, with nothing to do at home, so i end up at the gym anyway.


Nadia Dzai said...

Meeee three! ;p I pon sentiasa malas pergi gym. (when u're alone and driving, better tgk tv! ;p)

calla_lily said...

Zuraida: hehe i know... i have to constant motivate myself!
Nadia: hehe tulaaa.. there's always better things to do :p