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January 14, 2009

Under the Weather

I feel sick.

I came back from work yesterday, not feeling so good.
To add on that, I slept rather late last nite to sent my sister off to the airport and was only in bed at 2 a.m.

Woke up this morning groggy and I felt cold right down to the bones. Horrible feeling.
I was tempted to take a medical leave, but I have deadlines to meet - and they're all on Friday.

So here I am at work, struggling the best I can to prepare for tomorrow's discussions and the deadlines.

I have a splitting headache, I'm starting to have a runny nose and my throat's all sore.

Why is it so cold in this office?

I wanna go back home. Clock - please speed up. Can't wait for you to show 1715.


Mrs LVoe said...

poor u n me. we r not so welll this week. u better go to clinic ok.. im waiting my hubby to fetch me. i really cant stand the pain.

Fynnaz said...

Auwww....get well soon dear!

lady of leisure said...

hey babe,

its musim cold & flu all over the world, i'd say. my kids pun sick from the same thing. perhaps you need to listen to ur body. take it easy. take an MC.

why not.
take care