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January 5, 2009

Les Etats Unis

I think I took over 500 shots during my trip to the States. This time I got myself a 2GB memory card, that explains the larget amount of photographs. :P

This time round I went to Philly, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Orlando and DC, of course.
The initial plan was to cover Orlando and Miami during our trip down south and then take a cruise to the Bahamas, but we had to shorten the trip due to his work.
We took a return flight to Orlando from DC. Our 4 day trip to Orlando was great fun and we managed to cover quite alot of Disney - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom & the water park, Typhoon Lagoon. Later at night we drove down to Downtown Disney and went clubbing at Pleasure Island.

This was my 2nd trip to DisneyWorld (the first was when I was just 10) and I still, and I'm sure will always have the kid in me to enjoy the fantastic parks here! I love Disney World!

Parades at Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom

The fireworks in Magic Kingdom went on for about 20 minutes or probably more. It was simply magical. No fireworks can be better that this. Check out the video! Mind you that the video's a lil long, just watch the last 40 secs if you're rushing for time :)

Pics in Epcot, Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

Philly, PA - The weather here was pretty chilly when I was there, but just about perfect for strolling in the park and watching passerbys while snacking on chips. Walked on the 'Rocky Steps' which got its name as 'Rocky' was filmed in Philly.

Williamsburg, VA - Besides going around the historical city, we also dropped by at Busch Garden. This park has been voted as one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world.

VA Beach - Beautiful beach, but the water was really cold! I'm sure it would've been perfect in summer. It's famous for its salt water taffy which is similar to the toffee we can get here. It comes in numerous flavors - yumm!

We spent a day in NJ before heading to EWR. And I got to see my old house! A Camry was parked upfront, hence there were people inside, but good thing no one noticed that I was snapping photos.
I stayed in this house for 2 years in 89-90. Sure brings alot of good memories. How I miss my childhood years...

I had a fabulous trip to the States! Managed to meet up with my friends and made a couple of new friends too. My best friend who is in the States asked me to make another trip there again - to Vegas. Sounds good. I will definitely consider it babe :)

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