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January 10, 2009

Matify is the Key Word

I'm looking for a pot of loose powder and also a compact foundation to bring around. The brand that I've been sorta eyeing is T.LeClerc. I am currently using M.A.C Select SPF 15 liquid foundation and M.A.C Studio Fix. I really have no major complaints... except, I have really oily skin, and I mean literally, and the Studio Fix doesn't really help much to matify my face. I always have to bring my blotters with me when I go out, or I'll end up with a really oily face throughout the day :p

I've read a few reviews earlier on that said that T.LeClerc is really good at matifying, as it has rice extract or something like that - I don't quite remember.

I'm still asking around for a tip of two. But I'm 75% convinced that I'll be giving this brand a try.

Hopefully T.LeClerc won't let me down!

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