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November 23, 2009

One Item Down

Singapore was great.

Although it rained most evening.

Shopping at Orchard was very tempting. But with the exchange rate at 2.45, I refrain myself from spending on anything other than what's on my wedding list.

The sales hasn't started yet, but the Christmas decos are all up. Be-yooo-tee-ful.

Anyway, I got my bedlinens! Yeay!
I picked Sheridan. Although it's expensive, (I can get an LV bag with it!) I'm satisfied. It's not the lacy type everyone normally uses on their wedding day, that's just not me. I'm a minimalist, so simple lines with the touch of elegance is what I go for. Boring as some might say, but I believe that less is more :)

Still working on this particular item on my list..... my wedding dress!

Mr. H has left for the states last night. I won't be seeing him till February..
Insyallah, the last separation before the wedding day :)


ERMAYUM said...

so yr boss did manage to approve yr leaves eh? :)

calla_lily said...

He overlooked my email, he said. Nasib baik :)