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November 10, 2009

More Pictures!

The door gifts

The hantaran from the groom-to-be

The hantaran from the bride-to-be.... Me!

The big day - less than 4 months to go!


ERMAYUM said...

comel and lawa :)- nanti the big day mesti lagi grand- congrats

Nadia Dzai said...

love love, simple yet elegant! ;)lame nak tunggu pictures :p

calla_lily said...

Ermayum: Thank you!! Insyallah, hope everything will fall into place :)

Nadia: Thank you!!
I'm a minimalist. I like simple, earth colors, nothing goddy. And I'm a sucker for pastels as well :)

Betty A. said...

I suka ur hantaran...simple yet elegant ;) sbb I ske minimal heheheh