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April 1, 2009

4th Month of 2009

Cairns, Australia

April's here!

Anyway, to start this new month, I shall try and work out my to-do list. I've never really plan my days very well, most of the things I do are impromptu, except for the really importants ones - which I store in my phone, just in case I forget!

1. Buy Bobbi Brown Oil-free Compact Foundation (a )
2. Change appointment with Benefit
3. Make appointment with Shu Uemura for free makeover (a )
I've scheduled it to be a few hours before my friend's wedding reception, hopefully the makeup can last!
4. Pay credit card bills
5. Claim Body Shop voucher
6. Get in touch with little sis on change of flight schedule to Cairns
7. Get as much work done at the office these coming two weeks
8. I'm still contemplating whether I should do my hair before I go on my vacay.. or after...
but I'm thinking probably after, since I might be doing some outdoor activities in Cairns..
yeay! But I just checked my calendar, and I'm expecting my period on the 25th, which is the day I'm flying out to Cairns from Melbourne... hope the cramps won't come, and about the beach & outdoor activities... alaaa.. how lah? :(

Will work on this list from now and then...