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December 21, 2009

Can't Wait for the Next Long Weekend

Good weekend, most definitely.

I caught up with friends over lunch and a wedding dinner on Friday, a bit of body pampering and coffee after on Saturday and a little shopping and dinner on Sunday...........

Plus I attended a kenduri at my grandaunt's in Bangsar on Saturday night. After the kenduri we sat around and I was entertained by my nieces and nephews.
Hanna Montana, Taylor Swift & MJ in the making!
Didn't get the dancing and singing acts on camera though. But they were adorable :)

The spa thingy was a last minute thing actually, a good friend of mine will be getting hitch on Boxing Day, so she wanted to do another round of 'spa-ing' before her Big Day. I decided to join her and I was to decide on a place. So, I managed to come across Khareyana Spa by googling. I've never heard of the place before, but decided to give it a try since the place looked quite nice on its website plus it was featured on NTV7's Life Session (a show I've never watched, but since it has appeared on TV, must be something right?)

Khareyana Spa, Petaling Jaya

They are having a promo until the end of the year, so I got a treatment worth RM250 for 200 bucks :)

I wanted something traditional, so I opted for this treatment:

Traditional Balinese Body Ritual

This classic treatment originates from bali which is the center of the holistic spa experience whereby the treatment reflects the sacred balance of balinese culture. The elements used in the treatment are sourced out from the varied terrain of the island; salt, sand & seaweed from the beaches, volcanic stone & earth from the mountains and flowers, herbs, roots and grains from the ancient fields. Transport yourself to bali – it’s the best two hours spa you have ever taken!

120 Minutes RM250.00

Balinese full body massage.Clean and polish the whole body with bali lulur powder. Bali boreh body mask is applied to the whole body to lift out impurities and dead skin.Quick shower and application of moisturizing cream.

And yes, we enjoyed our session :)

Money well spent!

And the other happy thing is, on Sunday, I managed to reserve a pair of Aldo's I've eyed on in Bangsar Village on Friday!
They only had the display unit, which I didn't want. So the SA in BV told me they had a pair in One Utama (after I told him to check, he was pretty slow in service :p).
And so I went yesterday to OU. Little did I know, it was also the display unit!! But the SA I dealt with in OU was helpful. He called Aldo in The Gardens, and they didn't have it in my size. He told me to walk around and he'll make a few calls to the other outlets.

About 20 minutes later he called, he said there is a pair (brand new not display :p) in Penang.


They will be sending the pair down to KL in 3-5 days time. That really made my day.

Went home... a good friend came over... then decided to go 'Fatty Crabbing' with a few others.

Why did Sunday have to end so fast?

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